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STEELOVER was born in 1982 from the encounter of two guitarists and a bassist.
In search of a drummer, they threw their sights on Rudy Lenners upon his return from Germany, having left the famous German metal band SCORPIONS.
In no time, SteeLover recorded their first album "Glove Me" which was released under the label Mausoleum.
To date, this album was sold for over more than 400.000 copies.

In 1984, at Forest National in Brussels, the group opened it up for KISS and BON JOVI.
They followed with a tour across different countries like The Netherlands, Germany and France.
Having been joined in 1986 by Dani Klein (Vaya Con Dios), they gave a last concert filmed for the show "Music Box" hosted by Ray Cokes for the RTBF in coproduction with the BBC, at the Palais des Congrès in Liège/Belgium.

Several years later Rudy Lenners and Nick Gardi decided to reform SteeLover, together with the guitarist from the original line up, Pat Freson, with the complicity of the powerfull singer and talented guitarist John L. (Pheel was on lead vocal in the early days of reunion).
The four band members have quickly recorded 3 demo songs with John on lead vocals. The first track "Wild and free" was mixed by Tommy Hansen, Jailhouse studio, Horsens - Denmark (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Gamma Ray, Jorn...)
The band is working on a complete album.



Notre ami et batteur Rudy Lenners a pris la difficile décision de ne plus se produire sur scène, ceci pour des raisons strictement personnelles sans rapport avec ses activités au sein de SteeLover.
Rudy continuera si besoin à apporter son aide au groupe et il leur souhaite du fond du coeur le meilleur à venir.
SteeLover accueillera donc bientôt un nouveau batteur. Nous communiquerons bientôt à ce sujet.


  Our friend and drummer Rudy Lenners took the difficult decision not to perform on stage any more, this for strictly personal reasons, unrelated to his activities within SteeLover.
Rudy will continue to give his support to the group whenever needed, and he wishes them all the best, yet to come, from the bottom of the heart.
SteeLover will thus soon welcome a new drummer. We will communicate on this matter shortly.


  Unser Freund und Schlagzeuger Rudy Lenners hat aus rein persönlichen Gründen die schwere Entscheidung getroffen, sich von der Bühne zu verabschieden, dies hat nichts mit seiner Beziehung zu den SteeLover zu tun.
Rudy wird die Gruppe bei Bedarf auch weiterhin unterstützen und wünscht ihnen aus tiefem Herzen alles Gute für die Zukunft.
Die Steelover werden also einen neuen Schlagzeuger begrüßen und melden sich bald mit Neuigkeiten zurück.